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Sunday funday, right? Well honestly I have no idea because all I do is lay in bed and watch The Vampire Diaries. But this past week I actually did something fun and decided to give you a peek into my life and show you how my Sunday looks like.

7:30 @ Home / 7:30 Doma

My Sunday mornings do not start this early but trust me, brunching-look needs some preparations, including taking pictures of my cat (I have 3 more)who is trying to kick down all of my orchids.

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11:00 @ U Slepiček / 11:00 U Slepiček

Brunch is basically a term used as an excuse when people want to eat bigger meals sooner. Me and Adele ended up getting these delicious pancakes at one of our favorite restaurants, U Slepiček in Průhonice. And yes this my version of getting summer body ready.


13:30 @ Průhonický park / 13:30 Průhonický park

After out feast and a lot of gossiping(I actually found out it is healthy) we decided to get some air in the beautiful park. Since we were two blondes in nature, we couldn’t just walk on the paths so we decided to take a shortcut but we couldn’t jump over a two meters wide river and went back. Our adventures also included us waiting and creeping on people to take a polaroid of us.


16:30 @ Home / 16:30 Doma

When I changed into my pyjamas I decided it was time to take some moodboard pictures for my Instagram. Even though it looks easy, the hardest part is cleaning everything afterwards. Then I spent like an hour editing the pictures because I’m the internet generation and I really care about my Instagram theme.

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18:00 still @ Home / 18:00 pořád Doma

And after one or two episodes of The Vampire Diaries it was time to feed myself again. I actually cooked this myself and yes, my parents are proud. I would say I eat like every other teenager, with smart phone in my hand.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset20:00

If you don’t already  know I love sunsets from my Instagram, shame on you! And if you’re not following me…? Anyways, I love sunsets. The only thing that probably makes a psychopath is that sunsets kind of mean dying….

For anyone asking about my homework, this abomination usually happens after I wake up from a Vampire Diaries trance very very late. And honestly who takes pictures of themselves while doing homework?

photography by me & Adele

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